Maryland Wear and Carry Course

Self Defense, Training and Education

Wear and Carry provides hands on learning opportunities in the following areas:

A review of the basics of safe gun handling, to include: Safe firearm handling, 3 rules, plus, grip, stance, sight alignment, trigger squeeze, Range commands

The course will quickly progress to:

Shooting on the range will be chosen from the following:

Required Materials:

Handgun : .38, 9mm or larger caliber handgun, minimum 3 magazines or speed loaders, concealment holster, mag pouches or speed load pouches, 200 rounds of ammo, Hearing protection, eye protection, long pants, closed toed shoes

Prerequisites : NRA Basic Pistol, NRA FIRST Steps, or equivalent

The course will be offered to the first 6 participants who sign up. Course fee is $275
(paid in advance, non-refundable).

A minimum of four students is necessary to hold class.

Classes are held the third Saturday and Sunday of each month from 8am till noon. Attendance is required both sessions